80 years of vital support

For 80 years Retra has been providing the UK's electrical retail industry with vital support. We've helped our members navigate the intricacies of employment law and dispute resolution, we've been their voice at government level and we've provided essential training and money-saving rates for retail finance.

During the Covid pandemic we helped our members keep their businesses trading by providing them with up-to-the-minute information on the ever-changing support packages and policies issued by the government as well as risk assessment templates and employee letters for furlough agreements.

Here are just a handful of testimonials from our satisfied members. 

I would like to say over the years how impressed I have been with Retra. The printed and electronic information I have received has always been relevant to my firm and on occasion has helped align my firm to new regulation.

Regarding the implementation of employment law which has been onerous at times to my firm, and I suspect to other firms, a quick and very professional and informative response to my firms enquiries has been welcomed.

I wish Retra well for the future, which in my view they richly deserve.

George Jean | Jeans Electrical

Retra is the only trade body I believe that truly understands the intricacies of running a consumer electronics retail business.

Its service is second to none, a one stop shop to help you run your business. It offers the most comprehensive support on legal advice, latest industry news, consumer and business trends as well as offers on insurance, staff training and more. 

Retra has been invaluable, especially in recent times to us from the onset of Covid pandemic – giving us a roadmap to manage our business that frankly was a godsend! The information was updated daily and that help and support in such uncertain times was worth the subscription alone! 

Being a member of Retra is not a cost it’s an investment and fantastic value for the range of services and support you get. I highly recommend it!

Lance Hopley | Potters Home Digital

Having been a member of Retra for a fair number of years. I would like to send a quick note of thanks to Retra for their invaluable assistance throughout my membership and especially for all the useful help during the current pandemic, in particular for their help unravelling the complex government business help available.

I have also been grateful for Retra's assistance regarding contracts, and a whole range of legal issues, and have received invaluable help in several areas regarding all aspects of my business. 

I believe Retra Membership is incredibly affordable when balancing the range of help available to members against the costs and time needed to find any similar services any ware else. 

Without reservation I can and do, wholeheartedly recommended Retra to other businesses who I have spoken to many of whom also have issues which would have been quickly resolved had they had access to this superb service.

I was going to type a list of the services I have used, but frankly it would take me too long, so in my opinion the simple answer is “just join and be amazed at all the fantastic help available to members”.

Anthony Baker | Videotec

Having been a Retra member for several years, I have always appreciated the professional support their dedicated team provide. Working as a Retra service agent, I perhaps initially didn’t fully appreciate the wider services they were able to offer. 

However, after experiencing a particular problem recently regarding an issue with an employee, their legal advice and assistance became invaluable in helping to resolve the issue. From personal experience, I would highly recommend membership to anyone considering it.

Ian Black | Ian Black Domestic Appliances

Retra’s help with employment and legal matters has been vital for our business. Howard and the team have always been on hand to answer our questions and have always been able to steer us in the right direction when we’ve needed more specialist advice. 

During the Covid pandemic, the information and support material – risk assessment templates, furlough agreements, employee letters and so on – provided by Retra was invaluable. They helped us navigate the often confusing and rapidly changing messages sent out by the government and ensured that we were well placed to continue trading throughout the disruption and grow our business.

Matt Renaut | Dacombes of Wimborne