Retra E-Learning


We've upgraded and updated our award-winning online training platform!

Launching this Spring, the brand new, fully-rebuilt Retra E-Learning platform will be available to all Retra members at no extra cost to their membership!

Courses include an updated rework of the popular Selling with Finance course which includes live action training videos and the Sales Masterclass course which has been designed to help sales staff upskill in areas vital to attracting and retaining customers and delivering the best customer experience whilst helping their businesses stay profitable. 

There will also be a brand-new Time Management Essentials course to help all of us stay in control of our time to improve not just our productivity at the workplace but our wellbeing too.

A comprehensive training library

Going forward we will be adding more courses and more modules, plus a wealth of supporting documents that can be downloaded for keeps, creating a comprehensive library of online training material for all our members.

Learning on the go

Retra E-Learning can be accessed on desktop PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones which is ideal for anyone on the move or working remotely. All you need is an internet connection and your personal login credentials. If you have to stop part way through a course, you'll be able to pick up from where you left off even if you login on a different device

Online Training Platform

Earn as you learn

As you work your way through the online courses you'll earn achievement points and badges, and as a reward for your hard work, you'll see your name climb the leaderboard for your business.

Retra E-Learning is exclusive to Retra Members, so join Retra today and take your staff training to a whole new level.