Retailers Guarantee

Without detracting from the consumer’s legal rights, including those under Sale of Goods legislation, the retailer shall guarantee new goods for both parts and labour for a period of not less than twelve (12) months from the date of purchase/delivery. This 12 months period guarantee shall apply even if the manufacturer’s guarantee is for a shorter period.

The 12 months retailer’s guarantee does not apply in the following respects:

  • Damage or faults caused by consumer misuse, negligence or failure to adhere to the manufacturer or retailer’s instructions.
  • Certain goods and replaceable parts that may have a limited life span
  • Identified poor quality signal reception
  • Damage caused by Acts of God

Details of any warranty or guarantee, including any geographical restrictions, must be available in clear language and in durable form for inspection by consumers on request.

If during the guarantee period the retailer is unable to effect a repair within seven working days from date of notification of defect, he will by the expiration of such period, endeavour to lend the same or a similar item to the consumer. This obligation does not necessarily apply where the retailer is not the service agent or the service agent is not the retailer or the cause of the fault is as indicated in 6.2.

If the retailer finds that it is impracticable to lend such an item, he shall always extend the period of the original guarantee by the period of time during which the consumer was without the use of the item.

Where a consumer lives or moves outside the retailer’s normal service area, the retailer may not be in a position to implement directly all guarantees and services offered. The retailer will have to arrange for any servicing or guarantee work to be carried out by a local retailer in the consumer’s area if the consumer so requests. Alternatively the retailer will pay reasonable costs involved of the consumer returning the product to the seller for repair and return.