All goods to be sold will have a clear indication of the cash price at which they are offered for sale.  The retailer will at all times do everything possible to ensure that any consumer who may have been charged too high a price arising from an error either in the showroom or via a Distance selling operation will have any excess charge refunded.

If the retailer makes a surcharge when accepting payment by credit or debit card, details of the surcharge must be made known to the consumer at and before the point where card details are to be entered or taken

Distance selling operations must make perfectly clear to consumers via their websites, brochures or telephone/fax at and before the point where payment details are to be entered or taken the following:

    • the business name and, if payment is required in advance, it’s postal address
    • a description of the goods or services
    • the price including all taxes
    • delivery costs where they apply
    • arrangements for payment
    • arrangements and date for delivery of goods
    • the right to cancel the order
    • how long the offer or the price remains valid
    • the cost of any premium rate telephone, fax or internet charges
    • whether substitute goods will be supplied if the order is out of stock or unavailable
    • the consumer must be informed of the cost of returning any substitute goods