Member Benefits

The Retra promise:

Retra aims to provide their members with a comprehensiverange of benefits, information and legal advice, available as an inclusive membership benefit or offered at very low cost.


It is our aim to help youto get the most out of your business in order to free up your timeso that you can focus on the customer.


Benefits of a retra membership include:

  • Barclays Consumer Finance:    Members can offer their customers 12 months interest free credit for a 1.90% cost to the member.

For those members who were previously deterred due to the high cost of a consumer credit licence fee, the FCA have dramatically reduced this cost meaning most members will only pay an approximate fee of £100


For more information about how Barclays Consumer Finance can work for your business, please see the following video- 

  • Retracare: extensive service plans offered exclusively to members.Please see the link on the left for more information.
  • Credit card processing: exclusiverates below 1.5% for members and great deals on PDQ machines. Contact your retra Rep for more information on suitable rates.
  • Colemans:Electracare product offers business insurance to Members at a discounted rate. Please see the link on the left for more information.
  • Access to a free business help and legal advice helpline

For further detail on all of these benefits plus loads more, please see Member Benefits booklet 

For further information on becoming a member please contact retra on telephone, 01234 269110 or email