The Sale of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002, state that where the retailer agrees installation for a consumer by himself or his agent, as part of the sale contract, the consumer can call on the redress rights provided by the Regulations (repair, replacement, partial refund and full refund) where a lack of conformity arises.

Any losses suffered as a result of the lack of conformity can be claimed as consequential losses. A consumer can alternatively seek a full refund of the money paid or adequate compensation and any consequential losses.

Retailers are liable for claims where they have been paid for both the goods and the installation regardless of whether their own workers or their sub-contractors installed the goods.

They are not responsible for the installation aspect if a third party, arranged and paid for by the consumer.

Where the installation or assembly instructions were written with shortcomings that resulted in a consumer not being able to use them adequately, then he could point out that the goods sold were not fit for purpose and hence claim the full redress rights of the Regulations and the Sale of Goods Act.