WEEE and Old Batteries
Waste Electrical, Electronic Equipment 

Electrical goods range from hairdryers and toasters to TVs and washing machines and every year, we in the UK throw away enough unwanted electrical products to fill Wembley stadium six times!

To help reduce this enormous amount of waste, the government has introduced the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

As part of these regulations retailers who sell electrical products are required to take back into the store, on a like for like basis, for instance you buy a TV they will take back an old TV not a cooker. Customer must return unwanted products within 28 days of purchase. It is the customers’ responsibility to return the unwanted product to the store not the retailers.

Some retailers will collect unwanted electrical products on a like for like basis from customer homes. There may well be a charge for this service. Alternatively you can take the unwanted product to your local council run waste tip or ask the council to collect it from you. Once again there may be a charge for collecting the waste.

However, some retailers have made a financial contribution to help fund recycling facilities at local amenity waste sites. These retailers are not obliged to accept your old electrical equipment back in store.
Your local retailer will be able to tell you whether or not they accept your old electrical equipment. To find your nearest WEEE recycling facility, please Click here.

Old Batteries
Consumers are now able to dispose of unwanted used batteries at a number of places including, libraries, schools and colleges as well as most electrical retail outlets.
Most retra members have already received containers in which consumers can place their old batteries for safe disposal and recycling so as not to be dumped in the ground.

Just think what damage a spent and leaking battery does to you battery powered goods and all that could end up in the ground if you do not dispose of them correctly.

Look for the containers in your local retra dealer and other places and place your old used batteries in them.

Recycle Now or the Earth Gets It!

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