Digital TV & Widescreen

What is Digital Television?

It’s another way of sending pictures and sound to the television set in your home. The difference is that they are sent digitally and this enables many more channels and other features than is possible with the old analogue system.

Who sends them?

Digital signals can be sent to your home in three different ways.

  1. Satellite signals from SKY or Free Sat can reach almost every home in the country, provided you have a clear line of sight to the southeast and, of course, a satellite dish and receiver.
  2. Digital terrestrial signals go to about 90% of the homes in the UK. You don’t need a dish just a digital aerial, although in some parts of the UK you may need to upgrade your aerial for the new signals.
  3. A number of towns and cities have cable companies who feed the television signals to customers’ homes via cables underground. They may also provide a telephone connection.

So what is the difference?

If you live in an area that does not have cable then you won’t be able to use this method. But if you do have cable then you will receive the channels you already watch plus a number of additional channels. It will all depend on how much you subscribe as to how many additional channels you get.

Digital terrestrial signal is composed of the five normal channels you probably receive at the moment plus a number of free extra channels. However, if you wish to receive more than these you will have to subscribe for the extra channels and how much you pay determines how many you ge t.. You will probably need to change your aerial to a new digital one to pick up Digital terrestrial signals.

Satellite can provide a large number of TV channels – about 180 along with BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4 and Channel 5. The number of channels you will be allowed to view will depend on how much you wish to pay. You will need a satellite dish and receiver to be installed.

All three systems or platforms are going to offer subscribers additional features, such as home shopping, Internet connection, cheaper telephone calls and more.

How can I receive Digital Television?

If you live in a cable area they will almost certainly contact you nearer the time when they start digital operations, so just sit back and wait,
simply go into almost any electrical retailer and ask for digital television. The only choice you have to make is satellite or terrestrial and how many, if any, channels you want to subscribe to.

If you choose satellite then an installation date will have to be arranged for the dish to be fitted and there will almost certainly be an installation charge.

If you choose terrestrial you can take the box home with you there and then although remember you may need to upgrade your aerial.

High Definition TV – 1080i or 1080p

Television receivers that are signed HD, Full HD or HD ready are capable of displaying high quality pictures from a HD signal source such as a Blue Ray DVD, X Box, PS3 or high definition set top box.