Conciliation Service

There is no doubt that the vast majority of sales and service calls are performed satisfactorily. Situations will arise, however, when either the consumer or the retailer feels he has been unfairly treated either by the other party or by a supplier.

Consumers with a complaint should always be encouraged to return the goods to the retailer/ service company where the retailer/service company should examine the matter speedily and sympathetically and must take decisive action if justification is established.

Disputes are usually local matters and consumers who are dissatisfied with the retailer can be referred to the local Trading Standards Office, consumer Advice Centre or Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Each consumer or retailer, however, shall also have the right to apply in writing for assistance to retra.

The objective of the retra Conciliation Service is to provide informal conciliation where the retailer and the consumer cannot resolve their dispute.

The consumer should indicate the nature of the complaint in writing by e-mail, fax, or letter in the first instance, to retra giving full details of the complaint.